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Our services fall into three basic categories:

  • Maintenance and Repair – We started this company as an elevator maintenance company and it remains our priority to maintain the high level of service our customers have come to expect.
  • Installation – RMR installs a myriad of devices – from twin jack roped holeless hydraulic elevators to manually operated dumbwaiters to overhead gearless Machine Room Less (MRL) elevators.
  • Modernization – Modernization is simply the updating of the elevator equipment and the corresponding technology that said elevator uses. The most common reason to modernize is to improve the consistency of the operation of the elevator, dumbwaiter, lift or other device.

Just like many other elevator contractors, RMR Elevator maintains and repairs virtually any type or manufacturer of elevator. Our service area includes the northern and central New Jersey, and parts of New York City.


Reaction time to service calls: We strive to answer trouble calls within two hours. How do we do it? Careful manpower allocation and preventive maintenance. Preventive maintenance means taking a pro-active approach to preventing problems before they occur; not waiting for something to break and then reacting to the situation. Maintenance is performed using a checklist developed over 30 years. The checklist ensures the major sources of elevator failure are addressed prior to their failure. This process costs more up front but prevents shut downs, operational problems and, in the long run, losses of both the legal and operational kind.

Honest and Effective Service: If we provide you with a proposal, we believe that we can effectively service your site. We will not “bite off more than we can chew” nor will we provide you with a proposal to do more than we can provide. If we can’t help you, we will tell you just that. If we can help you, we’ll be specific about what we intend to do and how much it will cost.

There are some elevator companies who sell and install proprietal equipment. In cases such as those, our ability to service the equipment is severely limited – typically to just lubrication and adjustment. Other companies manufacture their own equipment and then deliberately do not provide the accompanying technical data that would allow a competitor to service the equipment. To engage is these behaviors is dishonest. We do not nor will we ever engage in behavior such as this. 

In Place and On Time: We routinely make AND KEEP our appointments.  If we make an appointment with you, we will be there in place and on time. We don’t keep any statistics on our “on-time” record but there’s a reason that every time the State DCA inspectors get their lists of upcoming inspections for the following month, our phone rings off the hook.

Personnel: While “all men are created equal”, not all technicians are capable of everything. We will not send a helper to do a mechanic’s job. We are constantly engaged in training our personnel on existing equipment and new technology. Often you will see one technician cross training another technician on a piece of equipment. For this reason, sometimes you will see us send two men to do a single mechanic’s job.

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