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SERVICES – Maintenance

Service Your Way:
While we do have standard contracts, we routinely tailor our proposals to our customer’s specific needs, desires and standard operating procedures.

A normal maintenance contract would include a monthly visit to your elevator where our trained technician would evaluate, adjust and lubricate the elevator equipment according to a checklist developed over the past 30 years. The checklist ensures the most common sources of elevator failure are addressed pro-actively, prior to their failure. Our goal is to have zero calls for service. The technician would also repair or replace parts and light bulbs if that was necessary (in-car lighting is typically not included). Monitoring of the elevator emergency telephone by our trained staff is also included 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Annual and five year testing of the elevator can also be included under the contract.

As a rule, our maintenance contracts contain a 30 day written notice cancellation clause. Other firms lock their customers into one-, three- or five-year non- cancellable contracts with 90 day written notice cancellation clauses that require the customer to “buy-out” the balance of the contract if they wish to cancel mid-term. RMR does not do this; our point of view is "what kind of  faith does a firm have in its ability to service its customers if it finds it necessary to lock those customers into a non-cancellable contract?"

If you want a contract for 10 months out of the year, service every 3 months or every two weeks, we can accommodate those requests. As Burger King used to say: “Special orders don’t upset us.”

And you don’t have to be a contract customer to experience our high level of service. We are very happy to have customers who require our services on an "as needed" or "open order" basis. Just call us and we’ll answer. There’s no surprise; our rates are posted on this website.


Part of maintaining an elevator device is testing. Unlike many other companies, we own our own testing weights and we don’t rent them to other firms. The combination of owning our own weights and having our own lift gate equipped truck, means we can test your elevator whenever it’s convenient for you and the inspector. We are in control of the situation.