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R.M.R. Elevator is a family owned and operated business. My father, brother and I started the company in April of 1982. Initially, we started as an elevator maintenance and repair company but soon branched out into installation of commercial and residential elevators, dumbwaiters and vertical wheelchair lifts.

In 1985, we started installing residential elevators and dumbwaiters manufactured by Sedgwick Machine. Today, we continue to install residential elevators, dumbwaiters and vertical wheelchair lifts by Inclinator, Matot and Harmar Industries. We install commercial elevators by Canton Elevator, Limited Use Limited Application (LULA) elevators by Cambridge Elevating and Elevator Concepts and vertical reciprocating conveyors by Pflow Industries.

We also modernize older elevator equipment. The most common reason to modernize is to improve the consistency of the operation of the elevator, dumbwaiter, lift or other device. Today’s elevator equipment is more sophisticated and provides smoother and more energy-efficient operation than it’s predecessors.

At RMR Elevator, our focus is on customer service. We routinely act as a liaison between our customer and the elevator inspector; interpreting the inspectors’ requirements for our customer and conveying our customers’ special needs to the inspector.

We recognize that we are not always the least expensive vendor but we always strive to be the best vendor with the best solution. It is our policy to go the extra mile and we have never failed to complete a project due to circumstances under our control. Our reputation is among our most treasured assets.

We limit our area of service to northern and central New Jersey, and parts of New York City.

Some of the services that we provide are:

  • Periodic servicing of passenger and freight elevators – both hydraulic and traction.
  • Repair of passenger and freight elevators – both hydraulic and traction.
  • Testing of elevators and lifts – both with and without weights.
  • Modernization of existing equipment.
  • Installation installing of additional Code-required equipment.
  • Installation of new residential elevators.
  • Installation of dumbwaiters and vertical reciprocating conveyors (VRCs).
  • Installation of new Limited Use / Limited Access (LULA) elevators.
  • Installation of new commercial elevators; both holeless and traction.
  • Monitoring of emergency phones 24/7 – available to both contract and non-contract customers.
  • Installation of vertical wheelchair lifts – both residential and commercial.
  • Installation of inclined wheelchair lifts – both residential and commercial.
  • Installation of stair lifts or stair chairs in a residential environment.
  • Evaluation of residential elevators prior to purchase or sale of a home

There are some mercenary companies out there. They give you a low-ball price and then barrage you with extras. We don t do that. We d rather make a friend than make a sale. We will give you an honest opinion, regardless of whether it results in a sale or in the loss of a sale. We will also take the time to educate you about what your options are and what the pros and cons are of your options.