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SERVICES – Installation – Limited Use / Limited Access (LULA) Elevators

Limited Use / Limited Access (LULA) elevators are specifically intended for installation in existing public buildings where no vertical transportation currently exists. Essentially, LULA’s are small commercial elevators; they are typically provided with power door operation and illuminated call buttons. They are limited to 18 square feet of inside platform area and a rated load (capacity) of 1400 pounds.

NJ Law states that LULAs may not be installed in new construction projects.

LULA’s are indistinguishable from the majority of commercial elevators you may have ridden in. The only real observable difference from inside the cab is their smaller size; for this reason, they do not comply with the minimum size specified in the Americans with Disabilities Act for elevators.

LULA’s are excellent candidates for retrofitting into:

  • Attorney’s Offices
  • Accountant’s Offices
  • Doctor’s Offices
  • Houses of Worship
  • Restaurants
  • Stores

Virtually any public facility without existing vertical transportation is a candidate for a LULA installation.

LULA’s are more cost effective than commercial elevators for existing structures. LULA elevator equipment is less expensive than commercial elevator equipment and the associated building requirements are reduced as well. For example, commercial elevators will typically require a filled masonry block hoistway wall construction; LULA’s can use 2×6 stud framing with Type "X" sheetrock. Commercial elevators require a minimum of a 4 foot deep pit, LULA’s standard is 3 foot with the ability to accommodate an 18 inch pit.

All  LULA’s are governed by their own section of the Elevator Safety Code regardless of drive system but the majority are roped holeless hydraulic elevators. The code governs their rated load, speed and minimum clearances. Because LULA’s are intended for installation in existing buildings, there are many allowances made. The minimum clear overhead, for example, is specified as 12 feet; however, installation of a refuge space device allows the clear overhead to be dramatically reduced. The Elevator Safety Code has many of these "allowances" which permit the installation of  LULA’s in existing buildings.